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HSJ has been a family-inspired business since 1982. We began as a small joinery workshop producing general joinery products. We have since gained the reputation for being a high-class joinery specialist. HSJ has gained a wealth of knowledge in the specialist joinery field and with this experience, we are able to offer a high-quality joinery product.

We can offer our products in a range of finishes, our external joinery products protect the wood with a factory finished micro-porous spray finish in a variety of different colours all of which carry an excellent guarantee thus extending the life of your product. All our products are manufactured using timber which is sourced from sustainable forests, and all products are built using traditional construction methods.

We cater for private homes, providing items such as hardwood casement windows, sliding sash windows, front doors and frames, arched windows, stairs, curved stairs and spiral, hardwood and softwood internal doors, skirtings, architraves and other mouldings.

HSJ Specialist Joinery

Joinery / Woodwork Manufacturers: UK and Ireland

We also do work for larger contractors and architects where we produce both modern and contemporary one-off joinery items for churches, schools, hospitals and other public buildings, items such as church seating, gothic windows and doors, internal screens and fire doors with or without glazing apertures. We also provide sliding sashed windows, bespoke doors and surrounds, curved and ornate stairways, specialist wooden mouldings.

Windows & Doors
Other products and services include sliding sashed windows, bespoke doors and surrounds. , and specialist wooden mouldings.

Stairways, Bannisters, & Balustrade
Curved and ornate stairways and balustrade, custom made or repaired/restored.

Skirting & Architrave
We can manufacture new skirting or architrave, or restore/repair existing ones.

Bespoke Furniture Pieces
If you need a particular piece of furniture made to match existing woodwork, we can manufacture it for you.

Other products and services include sliding sashed windows, bespoke doors and surrounds curved and ornate stairways, and specialist wooden mouldings. Ask for more details.

– Specialist wooden mouldings and other items for restorations & renovations

– Exterior doors, bi-folding doors, windows & frames, skirting & architrave, stairways, banisters & balustrade

– Machined timber for bespoke or specialist requirements

– Stairs, Bannisters & Balustrade
– Renovations
– Restorations
– Windows & Doors
– Skirting & Architrave
– Bespoke Furniture

Please take time to browse our site and you will learn more about the custom service we provide, check out our photo galleries to view our work or contact us for more information. Whatever your requirements, we at HSJ are ready to assist.