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We can help repair old or tired woodwork, or reproduce replica items for restorations.


We can carry out expert renovations on all types of old or damaged woodwork, or manufacture replica items for perfect restoration projects.

HSJ were recently commissioned to do some window restoration on the historic St. Malachy's Church - one of the oldest churches in Belfast.....

St Mals 2 St Mals 1 St Mals 7 St Mals 6 St Mals 5 church window 4 church window 5 Church window St._Malachy_8 St._Malachy_9 St._Malachy_7 church window 2 church window 3 St._Malachy_10 St._malachy_11 St._Malachy_12 St._Malachy_13 St._Malachy_14 St._Malachy_15 St._Malachy_16 St._Malachy_17 St._Malachy_18 St._Malachy_19